John S Moody, Jr, Manager

John S. Moody Jr.


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Our clients come first.

We regularly represent developers, owners, families, financial institutions, investors, retailers, and private equity funds in acquisitions, sales, development, leasing, financing, and construction of all types of real estate.

Our goal is the same regardless of the size of the project or client – to help you get your deal done, well planned, on time and on budget.

What Sets Us Apart

We are experienced in complex real estate matters

We have deep experience with complex commercial real estate projects. We pride ourselves on being able to share this growing bank of experience with our clients.

We know commercial real estate

We focus on commercial real estate. We believe by focusing in one core area we have the opportunity to become the legal firm that developers, owners, investors and private equity firms turn to when they need legal assistance.

We invest in providing an excellent client experience

We are grateful for our clients and treat them with the utmost respect. We also recognize the growing importance of continuously improving the client experience to ensure our clients get the best advice we can provide to meet their schedule.

We are a flexible, collaborative & productive team

We enjoy working with our clients, We know we can give them the best experience if we operate as a productive, collaborative and flexible team. We build and share our knowledge using our proprietary real-estate knowledge bank.

Teamwork and sharing is at the heart of how we operate. We know from experience we can achieve much more if we work collectively than we could individually.