John S. Moody, Jr. to Host Panel Discussion During Bisnow “Building By the Bayou” Event

There’s a reason Houston is called The Bayou City. There would be no Houston without Buffalo Bayou. That’s why it’s the center of an upcoming Bisnow event called “Building By the Bayou.” During the event, Moody Law Founder John S. Moody, Jr. will moderate a panel discussion entitled “Reinventing Houston’s Footprint – The developments and Re-Developments Connecting People and Places.” 


What You’ll Learn:  

  • What high-level trends industry leaders are observing within the market, including topics like (re)development and tenant migration? 
  • How are developers preserving the unique culture and historical roots when developing or re-developing?  
  • What submarkets around the Bayou are most appealing to developers? Where are they seeing opportunity? 
  • How are market leaders thinking outside the box when developing these neighborhoods? 
  • Where are the majority of Bayou-area investments coming from? 
  • What role does mixed use have in future developments and redevelopments?  


The event, which is sponsored by Moody Law Group, will be held on March 24, 2022, at 8am at Houston’s Four Seasons Hotel. For more information and to get your tickets, click here: