John S. Moody, Jr. to Host Panel Discussion During Bisnow Houston Industrial & Port Development Event

The COVID-19 pandemic and changes within the industrial sector have had an impact on Houston’s industrial and port development. That’s why it is now at the center of an upcoming Bisnow event called “Houston Industrial & Port Development – Emerging Trends, Growing Markets, New Developments & Space Demands.” Moody Law Founder John S. Moody, Jr. will be on hand to moderate a panel discussion.

What you’ll learn:

  • With the rise of e-commerce in recent years, how is it impacting the industrial sector? How are developers, investors and tenants overcoming the challenges of the surplus of e-commerce?
  • The Best in Site: Which neighborhoods and areas are the most attractive to developers? How is site selection different for developers compared to the past years?
  • A Shift in Design: What are retailers looking for in the design of warehouses for 2022? What is expected in regards to space, material, construction, etc.?
  • With low cap rates and competitive markets, what types of funds and capital stacks are being utilized to get deals done quicker?
  • How are climbing construction costs impacting higher rents (if, at all) and project timelines?

The event, which is sponsored by Moody Law Group, will be held on August 18, 2022 at 8am. For more information and to get your tickets, click here: