Moody Law Founder John S. Moody, Jr. Moderates Panel Discussion on ‘Building by the Bayou’ 

Buffalo Bayou is an important part of our city. There would be no Houston without it. The area is not only centrally located but also connected to some of Houston’s oldest and fastest-growing communities. And recently, the area along the bayou has seen an increase in development – development of public space, retail, multifamily and infrastructure.

The bayou was recently the topic of a Bisnow event called “Building By the Bayou.” During the event, Moody Law Group founder John S. Moody, Jr. moderated a panel discussion entitled “Reinventing Houston’s Footprint – The developments and Re-Developments Connecting People and Places.” The March 24 event was also sponsored by Moody Law Group. You can view the discussion below.