John S. Moody, Jr. to Host Bisnow Panel Discussion on Houston Office Market

Moody Law Group founder John S. Moody, Jr. will host an upcoming panel discussion on the state of the Houston office commercial real estate market. The Bisnow event, “Houston Office Update: A Look at Occupiers, How the Market is Evolving and Attracting Top-Tier Tenants,” will include panel discussions by industry experts who will share their insights on topics including the financing landscape, evolving market dynamics and innovative approaches for managing risk and maximizing asset performance.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Key considerations and strategies for managing risk in Houston’s commercial office market and how industry stakeholders are mitigating potential impacts.
  • Innovative approaches by Houston office developers and operators to maximize asset performance and value in the current economic climate.
  • How changing tenant preferences and needs are impacting the design, layout and amenities of local office properties, and strategies that are being deployed to meet these demands.
  • Today’s approach to attracting and retaining tenants. How landlords and property managers are adapting leasing and tenant retention strategies in response to evolving market dynamics.
  • Whether we are seeing a shift in corporate tenants in the Houston market and, if so, how that is impacting development and design decision-making.
  • How the financing landscape for Houston office commercial real estate investments has evolved, and current trends and challenges in obtaining financing for office properties in the city and its submarkets.
  • How capital markets, including debt and equity markets, are influencing investment strategies and deal structures for Houston offices, and the implications for investors.
  • Evolving market dynamics, such as changes in supply and demand, rental rates and tenant profiles, and their impact on underwriting and financing of office space in Houston.
  • Key considerations and strategies for navigating the Houston office market during a possible recession, and how industry stakeholders can prepare for potential impacts.

The event will be held at 8 a.m. Sept. 27. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here: